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Swimming pool water supply

Reduce your water bill. We at Dubai Water Tanker supply certified hygienic fresh water tanker to fill your swimming pool of any capacity. Water delivery services are available throughout the country to help with pool owner’s demand for clean fill water. Most of the time these water delivery companies offer quick and convenient hauling that will be brought to your home by a water delivery truck. The water is already balanced so you don’t need to wait.

How Much Water Do I Need To Fill a Swimming Pool?

When it comes to calculating the capacity of your pool, we can help. Given the length, width and depth, we’ll calculate how many liters of water you’ll need. For water tank volume, you can view our Tank Volume Calculator. We even refilled the Sea Lion pool at a leading zoo recently, much to the delight of the residents. Trust the specialists in water, Tardifs H2O. Contact us for your swimming pool water delivery.

What We Offer?

Dubai Water Tanker can offer clean water that includes but not limited to:
• Commercial areas
• Residential water supply for swimming pool
• Apartments
• Farms
• Hospitals
• Government
• Bottled water home delivery
• Residential drinking water delivery

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